To be without knowledge is to be without light (Somali Proverb)

We are creating a community of practice to provide opportunities to learn from each other personally and professionally and to develop more knowledge on the best approaches and methodologies to support Somali communities get the necessary services and supports to help them be the best of who they are and can be. Join our virtual community of practice to share your professional and personal knowledge and experiences as a practitioner. Be part of this important journey of connecting with equity driven and inclusive mental health professionals in support of richer and meaningful life changing interventions and services in our communities.

We invite innovative ideas on culturally responsive mental health practices. We are continuously searching more creative ways to improve access, equity, and quality of care in service delivery. Share your thoughts, your experiences, and your research on culturally adapted intervention strategies to support Somali individuals and families in their journey to healing – effectively improving the health and well-being of our communities.

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Become a Translator for SMHP Network

SMHP Network aims to ensure health equity and inclusion by removing obstacles such as language barriers for the Somali Community to access equitable and evidence based mental health treatment and services. We are developing a network of expert translators to make existing resources on mental health more accessible. Therefore, we invite Somali Mental Health Practitioners and other colleagues who are uniquely qualified in their understanding of the Somali language and culture to join the SMHP Network Translation Project.