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Become a Member

Are you a Somali mental health professional or intern seeking opportunities to serve Somali speaking individual and/families? Become a member of our Network and list your services. Somali community members seeking mental health services and support will have a direct access to you.

We have created this portal for the service providers to register. Clients will know the availability of service providers in their communities by searching for specific practices and locations that fit their needs. This process of connecting clients and service providers will facilitate access to mental health services and supports for Somalis wherever they live.

Create Access

SMHP Network aims to ensure health equity and inclusion by removing obstacles such as language barriers for the Somali Community to access equitable and evidence based mental health treatment and services. We are developing a network of expert translators to make existing resources on mental health more accessible. Therefore, we invite Somali Mental Health Practitioners and other colleagues who are uniquely qualified in their understanding of the Somali language and culture to join the SMHP Network Translation Project.

Find a Therapist

The SMHP Network, in response to the increasing need to find culturally responsive mental health services and supports, created this directory to ensure equitable access to mental health services for Somalis.

This directory is a very useful tool to help you find a culturally responsive therapist, psychologist, and/or psychiatrist. As membership network, we do not endorse or guarantee services provided by the mental health professionals listed in our directory.

Important Note:

This website does NOT serve as an emergency hotline and is not monitored daily. So, if you, a family member, or someone you know has a medical or psychological emergency, please seek immediate help by calling 911 (USA) or emergency number in your area.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (USA)

800- 273-TALK (8255)